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Published June 2, 2023

Amateur Golfer Takes on Top Golf Courses in North Dakota

Tour North Dakota – The Beginning (Golf Course Edition)

Written by
Jonathan Starr
| The Dakotan

In 2019 I began my foray into golf. It was short. I did all the right things – spent time away from work at the range, bought a membership to a local course and spent much time there, and spent way too much time trying to fix a seemingly broken swing. I even tried to take lessons.  

The lesson was short, the club pro stopped by and told me that I was going to have to take a few more swings before he was even going to be able to start to help me. Yeah, I was pretty bad.  

As the North Dakota spring began to turn into the beautiful summer I realized that I was busy and did not have the time to dedicate to a sport that requires so much. So, I found other things to do. I would miss the COVID year of golf and then, in 2021, I did the unthinkable and sold my golf clubs. I had officially moved on.  

But then something happened. I developed a friendship with a guy from my church. He liked to golf, of course I didn’t, and life moved on. Until finally this seed that had been planted deep within the membranes of my cells started to bud and suddenly golfing was everything.  

I, once again, began to spend too much time on the range, which led to me buying a new set of clubs, which led to another golf membership, which led to time away from work for golf. And so it was.  

In 2022, I jumped back into the world of golf and was more excited than ever. This time I went to a golf instructor, and he actually had words of wisdom for me. He was stunned that my golf swing could be as good as it was with the limited time that I had played. This time it was different, and it really was.  

I would go on to play at Painted Woods Golf Course, Bully Pulpit, The Links of North Dakota, The Vardon, Souris Valley Golf Course, and a few other courses. My golf clubs began to be just something that had to stay in the car because you never knew when an opportunity might arise. On a slow day at work, you could find me on a golf course enjoying the sunny afternoon. After a bad round, you could find me in my garage hitting foam balls into my garage door hoping that somehow my swing was improving.  

Of course, I am still not great. An amateur golfer who was recently described as “D” golfer. You know, if you have four people in your scramble group you will have your “A” player, the one that is near scratch level, your “B” player who will definitely be under 80, your “C” player that will be under 90, and your “D” player who is just there to have a good time. He is essential to the group, but not for the purpose of providing value to the golf card.  

So, here I am. A “D” level golfer in the world of amateur golf. But, because misery loves company, I figured I would take you on my Tour of North Dakota golf courses as we play some of the finest golf courses in North Dakota. We will play the likes of Hawktree, Bully Pulpit, Painted Woods Golf Course, and more. I will give you insights, from a “D” level golfer, of how the course plays, how beautiful it looks, and whether or not it will be a good time.  

It will be a fun ride and I do hope you will join me as we Tour North Dakota – the Golf Course Edition. 

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