Published May 29, 2023

Multiple Motorcycle Crash

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The Dakotan
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ND Highway Patrol

What: Injury
Where: Highway 1806 MM 43 at Fort Rice
When: 5/29/2023 at 11:49 AM Central
Road Conditions: Good
Weather Conditions: Sunny/Good
Crash Involvement: Vehicle/Vehicle
Type of Crash: Sideswipe/Rear End
Agencies Involved: ND Highway Patrol, Morton County Sheriff’s Department, Mandan Rural
Fire, Metro Area Ambulance
Vehicle No. 1: 2011 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Driver No. 1: Jenifer Murray, 40-year-old female from Dickinson, no injury
Restraints: No helmet in use
Charges: no charges filed
Vehicle No. 2: 2015 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Driver No. 2: Dean Kadrmas, 62-year-old male from Dickinson, minor injury
Restraints: No helmet in use
Charges: no charges filed
Passenger No. 1: Idajane Roger, 49-year-old female from Laurel, MT-minor injury
Restraints: No helmet in use
Vehicle No 3: 2012 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Driver No. 3: Curtis Velosa, 56-year-old male from Belfield, severe non-life threatening
Restraints: No helmet in use
Charges: No charges filed
Vehicle No. 4: 1976 Chevrolet K10 pickup
Driver No. 4: John Kuntz, 66-year-old male from Mandan, no injury
Restraints: No seatbelt in use
Charges: No charges filed
Vehicle No. 5: 2018 Indian Motorcycle
Driver No. 5: Alan Pavlicek, 52-year-old male from Dunn Center, minor injury
Restraints: No helmet in use
Charges: No charges filed

NARRATIVE: Vehicle 2, Kadrmas, was traveling southbound on Highway 1806 when he
noticed another motorcycle stopped in front of him in the roadway. It had its turn signal on to
turn left into the Watering Hole Bar in Ft. Rice. Kadrmas hit his brakes and swerved left to
avoid striking the bike. Vehicle 1, Murray, was traveling behind Kadrmas in his motorcycle
group of 6. Murray side swiped Kadrmas’ bike on the left side causing Kadrmas to fall off his
motorcycle. Murray was able to stay upright and had minimal damage to her bike.
Vehicle 3, Velosa, was behind Kadrmas and struck his bike as it was on the ground causing
him to be thrown from his bike. Velosa was transported to Sanford Hospital for serious nonlife-threatening injuries. Vehicle 4, Kuntz, was traveling south behind the group of motorcycles
that had just passed him in his pickup. Kuntz slowed and swerved to the left to avoid the
bikes. The last bike in the group driven by Alan Pavlicek(Vehicle 5), had not yet passed Kuntz
and struck his pickup on the rear right bumper causing Pavlicek to dump his bike. Kuntz was
not injured. Pavlicek and Kadrmas had minor injuries. Passenger Idajane Rogers was
transported to St. Alexius for serious non-life-threatening injuries. Metro Area Ambulance
transported both Rogers and Velosa. Road conditions were good. Crash still under

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