Published February 2, 2023

Minot Air Force Base Economic Impact 

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Report Reveals $595 Million in 2022 

Minot – The Budget Office of the 5th Bomb Wing Comptroller presented its annual economic impact analysis report for Minot Air Force Base at a meeting of the MACEDC Military Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 2.  

The group revealed that the total economic impact of MAFB in 2022 was $594,961,858. 

“Each year we look forward to seeing the economic impact of Minot Air Force Base, as nearly $600 million annually helps support the overall economy of our community," Brekka Kramer, President/CEO of the Minot Area Chamber EDC, shared. “The missions at Minot Air Force Base not only have a significant impact on our community but nationally with two legs of the nuclear triad.”  

The report estimated MAFB is responsible for 6,515 jobs on base, and another 2,032 indirect jobs. Those non-base positions are worth an estimated $108 million.  

Beyond the dollars and cents of the report, MAFB officials say the impact on the Minot area includes thousands of people. 12,247 people made up the population of Minot Air Force Base personnel, their families, as well as civilian employees on base.  

Kramer said the report drives home the importance of Minot Air Force Base on the identity of the Magic City.  

“Minot isn’t Minot without Minot Air Force Base. We are so grateful for those who serve and protect us each and every day. They’re our friends, neighbors and like family, so it is a priority of ours to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support them,” she said. 

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