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Ryan L. Rattler, Flint, Michigan. [Photo: submitted]
Ryan L. Rattler, Flint, Michigan. [Photo: submitted]

Million Dollar Arrest

The Dakotan
 June 21, 2022

MINOT — Minot Police and the Ward County Narcotics Task Force have arrested an individual in conjunction with the seizure of over 15,000 fentanyl pills and 80 grams of fentanyl powder. The estimated street value of the drugs is over $1 million.

According to a press release, on Sunday, June 19, a Minot Police officer observed possible drug activity at a local storage unit. With a Minot PD K9 unit, assisted by the county Task Force, a search warrant was obtained for the storage unit. Inside the storage unit was a large amount of fentanyl and marijuana.

Surveillance by the Task Force determined the identity of the subject previously observed by the PD officer. In addition to the illegal drugs, the Task Force seized two firearms and more than $18,000 cash.

Arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver other schedule I, II, or III drugs, a class A Felony, was Ryan Rattler, 30, Flint, Michigan. He was also charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver marijuana, a class C Felony.

According to Minot Police, fentanyl is responsible for the majority of 38 overdose deaths in the Minot area since 2020.

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