Published May 9, 2022

Zachmeier Announces Candidacy for District 33 House

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MANDAN — Andy Zachmeier from Mandan has announced he is a candidate for District 33 North Dakota House of Representatives. District 33 covers Mercer County, Oliver County and parts of Morton County and McLean County.

Zachmeier has served for 16 years on the Morton County Commission where he is currently the Commission Vice-Chairman.

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Republican Primary Election for District 33 North Dakota House of Representatives. During my time in elected office, I have been able to work with other legislative leaders and elected county officials to promote the interests of all the counties within District 33. I want to continue to work for and protect the interests of the counties and communities within this district,” Zachmeier said. “There will be continued challenges ahead. There will be the challenge to protect jobs and our district’s economy. Agriculture interests will need to be protected. Infrastructure and educational needs will need to be addressed in an attempt to keep property taxes under control. There will be challenges to protect the sanctity of life, protect the constitution, 2nd Amendment Rights, and property rights. Equal Protection of law must be protected.”

Zachmeier, 56, was born and raised in Mandan and graduated from Mandan High School. He has been a law enforcement officer for 33 years. He is currently an Investigator and School Resource Officer for Lincoln Police. He is retired from Dickinson Police and Bismarck Police. Zachmeier’s portfolios on the Morton County Commission have been Social Services, Planning and Zoning, Water Boards, Parks, and General County Policies. He has worked on legislative resolutions for the ND Association of Counties.

“I believe we, as a district, need to continue to be vigilant to the pressures or initiatives that will attack our district’s jobs, economy, agricultural interests, our way of life, and our family values.” Zachmeier said. “There have been many economic pressures placed on our district. The pressures on fossil fuels and energy production are causing tremendous stress on our citizens. Should our energy assets continue to suffer these pressures or unfair restrictions, it will be devastating all through this region. There are also pressures placed on agriculture that affect the use of the land and financing. Land and agricultural financing pressures will affect our top industry and cause even further stress to our district. I want to continue to work to protect District 33 and the counties and communities within it.”

Zachmeier holds degrees in Criminal Justice from Bismarck State College and University of North Dakota. He also graduated from Lake Region State College in Devils Lake.

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