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Pursuit Turned Rollover Crash near Washburn

Lydia Hoverson
 May 1, 2022

WASHBURN — The North Dakota Highway Patrol says two men were injured in a rollover crash after leading law enforcement on a chase through multiple counties Saturday night.

The NDHP says an officer with the Minot Police Department responded to a reported reckless vehicle in Minot. The officer located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle fled out of Minot into Ward County where Ward County deputies took over the pursuit. The vehicle fled southbound on Highway 83 at a high rate of speed. McLean County deputies took over the pursuit as the vehicle continued to flee southbound on Highway 83 near Max.

McLean County deputies utilized tire disabling spike strips on the vehicle’s tires. The vehicle continued to flee southbound on Highway 83. The driver lost control between Underwood and Washburn and rolled over and came to rest on the northbound lane.

The men were transported by Ambulance to CHI – St Alexius’ Hospital and Sanford Hospital in Bismarck.

Northbound Highway 83 was temporarily closed in the area for approximately 1 hour until the scene could be cleared.

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