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Published April 6, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Written by
Rick Becker
| The Dakotan
In the opinion of Rick Becker
In the opinion of Rick Becker

I can’t say thank you enough…

Our campaign earned the support of 46% of the NDGOP State Convention vote against the most popular politician in modern North Dakota history. This was done on a shoestring budget through grassroots supporters of all stripes across our great state.

We ran a campaign on conservative principles and the Republican platform. We stayed out of the mud, spoke truthfully, and engaged activists across the state who will deliver long-lasting, positive change.

Becker Backers have begun to steer the course of the NDGOP. Convention turnout was a record high.

Now it’s time to shift our energy and focus on electing conservative Republicans in the June 2022 primaries, and working to push all Republicans to adhere to our party’s platform and principles.

This will not happen without you. In fact, only through courage and sheer will can our collective effort and sacrifice keep America from heading off the edge of a cliff. Patriots must stay engaged in the fight.

Republicans must win the 2022 midterms, but winning isn’t enough. They must lead with a vision that actually contrasts with the disastrous efforts of the Biden administration.

As it has been said before – we need a choice, not an echo.

This campaign was never about me… it is about a political movement. This was not a defeat. It’s the continuation of a movement. Stay involved. Keep fighting. Together we will save America.

History tells us what happens when good people do nothing.

However, I believe that our future will tell us what happens when good people rise up to protect their communities, their values, and their country.

I’ll be seeing you again soon.

In Liberty & with Sincere Gratitude,

Dr. Rick Becker

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