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Rick Becker
In the Opinion of Michael Connelly

Letter to the Editor

I can’t say thank you enough… Our campaign earned the support of 46% of the NDGOP State Convention vote against the most popular politician in modern North Dakota history. This was done on a shoestring budget through grassroots supporters of all stripes across our great state. We ran a campaign on conservative principles and the […]
by Rick Becker
April 6, 2022

A Prescription for Congress in 2023

Although nothing is a sure bet in politics, at this point it seems that the Republicans are well poised to take back both the House and the Senate.  Unfortunately, as is often the case for elections, it will be due more to the poor performance of the Biden administration and the Pelosi-Schumer antics, than anything […]
by Rick Becker
January 31, 2022

Politics Shape Our World

This has been an eventful week for me, politically speaking.  I announced my retirement from the state legislature at the upcoming completion of my term in December.  It will have been a 10 year stint.  Like many, I viewed the legislative seat not as mine to fight for and keep, but as the people’s, who […]
by Rick Becker
January 24, 2022


I have long lamented the state of affairs with the political parties in North Dakota.  The Republican party has become a very big-tent party.  In most of the state, if someone wants to run for office, they realize their only hope for success is to run as a Republican.  They may or may not have […]
by Rick Becker
January 17, 2022

Traditions and Customs Ground Us

Christmas is upon us. It’s the time of year in which we commonly remember and participate in a variety of customs and traditions. These are wonderful things, our traditions, and they should be celebrated whenever possible.  Not only during the various holidays of the year, but more commonly in our life’s routine.    In this context, […]
by Rick Becker
December 21, 2021
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