Published April 12, 2022

City of Minot Declares Snow Removal Emergency

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MINOT — The City of Minot has declared a snow removal emergency for all city snow emergency routes.

City of Minot ordinance 20-24.2(c) allows the Public Works Director to declare a snow removal emergency and restrict parking along a portion or the entire Snow Emergency Route. Violating the declaration may result in a fine and the vehicle may be removed from the street.

This declaration prohibits all vehicles from parking on streets marked as “Emergency Snow Routes” until all routes have been cleared. The emergency will be in effect until further notice.

“With the large amount of snow we are expected to receive over the next 24 to 48 hours, it is important that residents have all vehicles removed from the snow emergency routes so we can maintain access for emergency response vehicles,” City of Minot Public Works Director Dan Jonasson said. “We ask that all residents avoid parking along any streets for easier and quicker snow removal so our plows can effectively clear the streets.”

Public Works Department personnel will begin plowing when accumulations reach four inches of snow. Employees will remain on duty 24 hours a day until all streets are cleared.

“Our operators will be concentrating on the main routes during the snow event and when the event is over, we will move into the remaining areas of our snow plan after all snow emergency routes are clear,” Jonasson said.

If the weather becomes unsafe for city crews, blizzard conditions reduce visibility to zero, or roads are filling in immediately after plowing, equipment will be stationed at the city’s four fire stations and police station to provide emergency response access.

City of Minot snow removal policy is to concentrate all efforts on snow routes and major road-ways during snow events until the snowfall concludes. City plows will then continue on hills, school areas, downtown, and residential streets.

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