Published March 14, 2022

Looking for a Few Good… Delegates

Written by
Jonathan Starr
| The Dakotan
Joey Nesdahl has announced he will be a Dem-NPL candidate for the District 3 Senate seat. [Photo: submitted]
Joey Nesdahl has announced he will be a Dem-NPL candidate for the District 3 Senate seat. [Photo: submitted]

MINOT — When the North Dakota State Democratic Convention convenes on March 25 in Minot, the hope of Souris Valley Dem-NPL chairman Joey Nesdahl is that all delegate positions from the four Minot Districts, 38, 40, 3, and 5, will be filled.

“We still have time to fill the positions,” Nesdahl informed a meeting of the four districts held at the Minot Public Library on Saturday, “but we need to get after it.”

It was also decided that there would be more of an opportunity to gather as separate districts at the convention for the purpose of advancing candidates in Districts 3 and 5. “I plan to run again,” Nesdahl informed the group, “and so in District 3, we will need two House candidates. There could be people interested in running in 2022,” continued Nesdahl, “but we need to get them onboard.”

The group also was also able to hear from U.S. Senate Candidate Katrina Christiansen from Jamestown. Christiansen said she would be excited to meet the group at the ND State Democratic Convention and said the race for Senate is important if “we want to change the dialogue of the country.” Also running for U.S. Senate and seeking the endorsement of the Democratic party is Michael Steele from Fargo.

Nesdahl encouraged those at the meeting to sign up for the upcoming convention in Minot by clicking on State Convention Delegate & Alternate Form.

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