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NDHP Urges Public to Stay Off Secondary Roads

The Dakotan
 December 27, 2021

**Update, 4:40p.m., Dec. 27, according to https://travel.dot.nd.gov/, I-29 and I-94 are now open.**

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is urging motorists to stay off secondary roads and be patient for the reopening of I-29 and I-94. Several motorists are using secondary roads for travel which has resulted in resources being used to rescue these motorists. Secondary roads are not being cleared.

Ongoing blizzard conditions combined with snow-packed, icy roads in the eastern part of North Dakota has led to hazardous travel conditions on all roads in the affected area.

The NDHP and North Dakota Department of Transportation will reopen I-29 and I-94 as soon as weather allows, and roads are cleared. Please stay where you are and don’t travel until travel restrictions are lifted. Continue to monitor ND road conditions on the ND Roads app or NDDOT website.

NDHP and NDDOT will notify the public via social media and updating the map when I-29 and I-94 will reopen.

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