Published November 23, 2021

Kitchen Grease Fire Damages Duplex in NW Minot

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Minot Fire Station No. 2 [Photo: Greg Demme/The Dakotan]
Minot Fire Station No. 2 [Photo: Greg Demme/The Dakotan]

Minot Fire Department successfully battled a small kitchen fire in northwest Minot Monday evening.

Crews were dispatched to 435 2nd Ave NW Minot at about 6 p.m. to extinguish a blaze caused by a stovetop grease fire. Firefighters watched smoke billow from the door of the home and extinguished the fire within minutes of arriving.

Crews ventilated the home after smothering the flames and secured area. No occupants or firefighters were harmed.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in 2019, cooking fires contributed to about 50% of residential fires in the U.S. It is best to not use water to fight grease fires, and residents should always keep a fire extinguisher within the home. Covering the flame with a lid or using baking soda to smother the fire are also effective methods. It is still best to dial 9-1-1 while experiencing any in home fires.

Crews from all four Minot Fire Department Stations were dispatched to the home. The first engine was on scene within two minutes and thirty seconds of the call.

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