Published January 18, 2024

Legislative Support for End Property Tax Petition

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End Unfair Property Tax release

BISMARCK — Representative Jim Kasper, (D46) Fargo, and End Unfair Property Tax Chairman Rick Becker have announced a coalition of dedicated public servants including legislators, former legislators, and 2024 legislative candidates have joined to publicly endorse a crucial initiated measure aimed at implementing much needed reform of the property tax system, providing substantial permanent tax relief, and advancing the prosperity of North Dakota and all its residents.

The proposed measure, which has garnered widespread support throughout the state, promises to bring about significant economic benefits of which the positive impact on individuals and families cannot be overstated.

“The people of North Dakota will finally see the tax reform they’ve been promised,” stated Rep. Jim Kasper, “and the tax relief that is long overdue.”

Rep. Kasper also stated, “This measure ensures that the abundant revenue the state of North Dakota receives translates to tremendous tax relief, while ensuring that cities, counties, and school districts retain complete control of their budgets and finances.”

The petition is required to have 31,164 signatures to be placed on the general election ballot in November, 2024. The sponsoring committee has until late June to gather those signatures, and says it has well over half of the required signatures already.

Rick Becker, Chairman of the sponsoring committee stated, “When passed, this measure will position North Dakota as the number one place for young families and businesses to relocate. We will finally solve the problems of workforce development and economic diversification. In fact, when passed, the economy of North Dakota will soar, leaving the other 49 states behind!”

Measure supporters say they are fully aware of the concerns publicized by opponents, but that the concerns have already been addressed with statutory language planned to be introduced in the next legislative session.

The below listed members of the coalition reiterate the importance of placing this measure on the ballot for the people of North Dakota to decide, and support the tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the tax relief and reform the measure provides. Further, they will be active in introducing all necessary updates to the Century Code to ensure smooth implementation of the measure.

Matt Ruby
Rep. D40, Minot

Jim Kasper
Rep. D46, Fargo

Mike Schatz
Rep. D39, New England

Judy Estenson
Sen. D15, Warwick

Andrew Marschall
Rep. D16, Fargo

Donna Henderson
Rep. D9B, Calvin

Larry Bellew
Rep. D38, Minot

Jeff Hoverson
Rep. D3, Minot

Cole Christensen
Rep. D24, Rogers

Brandon Prichard
Rep. D8, Bismarck

Lori VanWinkle
Rep. D3, Minot

Matt Heilman
Rep. D7, Bismarck

Jeff Magrum
Sen. D8, Hazelton

Scott Dyk
Rep. D23, Williston

Nathan Toman
Rep. D34, Mandan

SuAnn Olson
Rep. D8, Baldwin

Vicky Steiner
Rep. D37, Dickinson

Oley Larsen
Fmr Sen. D3, Minot

Chris Olson
Fmr Rep. D13, W. Fargo

Joe Miller
Fmr Sen. D10, Park River

Rick Becker
Fmr Rep. D7, Bismarck

Tom Kading
Fmr Rep. D45, Fargo

Sebastian Ertelt
Fmr Rep. D26, Lisbon

Dan Johnston
Fmr Rep. D24, Kathryn

Aaron McWilliams
Fmr Rep. D20, Hillsboro

Mark Enget
Candidate D2 Senate, Powers Lake

Justice Amundson
Candidate D30 House, Bismarck

Phillip Jacobs
Candidate D32 House, Bismarck

Adam Rose
Candidate D30 Senate, Bismarck

Dave Charles
Candidate D30 House, Bismarck

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