Published December 4, 2023

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Urban Pollinator Program Deadline
Educators interested in applying for the Urban Pollinator Program must apply by Jan. 10.
The program was created to assist educational organizations in developing urban pollinator gardens. Elementary, middle, and high schools, special education schools, colleges, and educational clubs are eligible to apply. Limited spots are available.

Special Allocation Lottery App Deadline
Nonprofit organizations eligible to receive big game hunting licenses in 2024 must have the application submitted to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department no later than Jan. 1.
North Dakota state law provides direction for the Game and Fish director to allocate big game hunting licenses to eligible organizations. Under this directive, up to two elk, moose and pronghorn licenses, and 10 white-tailed deer licenses, can be issued to organizations for fundraising.
Eligible organizations must be exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3), and must provide proof from the Internal Revenue Service to that effect. In addition, organizations must be active and in good standing with the office of the North Dakota Secretary of State.
Successful lottery applicants must agree to donate at least 10% of the net proceeds of any license fundraiser to a conservation-related project, such as hunting access, conservation education, habitat development or shooting range management.

Coyote Catalog Available
The North Dakota Game and Fish Department and North Dakota Department of Agriculture are again opening the Coyote Catalog, a statewide effort designed to connect hunters and trappers with landowners dealing with coyotes in their areas.
Landowners can sign up on the Department of Agriculture website, nd.gov/ndda/.
Hunters and trappers can sign up at the Game and Fish website, gf.nd.gov.
Anyone who registered for the Coyote Catalog in the past must register again to activate their name on the database.
Throughout winter, hunters or trappers may receive information on participating landowners, and should contact landowners to make arrangements.
Landowners experiencing coyote depredation of livestock should first contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services.
The Coyote Catalog will remain active through March 31.
For more information, contact Ryan Herigstad at Game and Fish, 701-595-4463 or rherigstad@nd.gov; or Michelle Mielke, at the Department of Agriculture, 701-328-2233 or mmielke@nd.gov.

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