Published August 29, 2023

Four Crashes on I-94

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ND Highway Patrol

On August 29th from 7:30 AM until around 9:00 AM the North Dakota Highway Patrol
responded to four separate crashes along Interstate 94 in the Fargo metro area. This series of
crashes caused a significant impact on morning travel. This was due to multiple travel lanes
being temporarily blocked and the need to remove one vehicle that rolled during a crash.
Three of the involved crashes were a result of motorists driving too fast for traffic conditions,
and failing to see that traffic was coming to a stop in front of them.
One of these rear end collisions involved four vehicles. With one driver striking the other three
at highway speed. This original striking vehicle caused one of the involved vehicles to roll due
to the speed and angle of this collision. This driver was transported via ambulance due to
injuries sustained from their vehicle rolling in the crash. The injuries in this crash were minor
but the crash resulted in significant traffic issues.
One of the other crashes involved a westbound driver that failed to stay within their lane and
side swiped another westbound driver. This crash occurred in the construction zone along
westbound I-94 at the Tri-level, where traffic was already congested due to road construction.
There are several construction zones that are currently active in the Fargo metro area.
Decreased speed limits are posted to allow traffic to safely travel within these zones. During
morning and afternoon commutes traffic often slows down or comes to a complete stop. It is
essential that motorists obey the decreased speed limits to allow traffic to safely flow within
these construction zones.
The North Dakota Highway Patrol would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists to
slow down, obey posted speed limits, leave a safe following distance between the vehicle in
front of you, and to be a defense, responsible driver.
It is also important to slow down or change lanes for emergency vehicles, or other vehicles
that are along the side of the roadway. Several near miss collisions almost occurred with
motorists failing to see emergency vehicles that were stopped with lights on trying to render
aid to the motorists involved in the mentioned crashes.
The NDHP is thankful for assistance received from the Fargo Police Department and the Cass
County Sheriff’s Office during these crashes. The NDHP and other area law enforcement are
committed to keeping roadways safe for all motorists that travel.

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