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Senate Defeats Harsher Penalty for Guns in Schools 

Lydia Hoverson
 February 9, 2023

ND Legislators Discuss Second Amendment 


BISMARCK – A bill to raise the penalty for the possession of firearms in a public school failed the North Dakota State Senate Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 2355 would have raised the penalty for the possession of firearms in a school or school-sponsored event on school property from an infraction to a class A misdemeanor, so minors charged would end up in juvenile court. 

Some against the bill said it is too harsh on those who may be attending an outdoor school event and forget to leave their gun in their vehicle. Some in favor said they support the United State Second Amendment, but said the bill would only apply to guns within school premises, adding that there is no way a person does not know it is illegal to carry a gun into a public school. 

The bill failed by a vote of 25 to 21. 

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