Published January 17, 2023

Ambulance Involved Accident 

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The Dakotan
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ND Highway Patrol  

What: Injury  

Where: Highway 1 mm 190 (approximately 4 miles north, northeast of Edmore ND)  

When: January 16, 2023 @ 1116 hours CST  

Road Conditions: Ice covered 

Weather Conditions: Foggy and lightly misting  

Crash Involvement: Vehicle V. Vehicle  

Type of Crash: Rear End  

Agencies Involved: Edmore Fire Department, Edmore Ambulance, Langdon Ambulance, Lakota Ambulance, Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, and the North Dakota Highway Patrol. 

Vehicle No. 1: 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee  

Driver No. 1: Leonard Klein; 89 yo male; Langdon, ND  

Restraints: none  

Charges: none  

Vehicle No. 2: 2001 Ford Ambulance  

Driver No. 2: Doug Loff; 62 yo male; Edmore, ND, minor injuries  

Restraints: Seatbelt  

Charges: None  

Passenger No. 1: Bruce Berg; 67 yo male; Edmore, ND, Minor injuries  

Restraints: None, assisting in treating patient  

Passenger No. 2: Taylor Trontvet, 32 yo male; Edmore, ND, serious injuries 

Restraints: none, treating patient  

Passenger No. 3: Megan Diseth; 35 yo female; Edmore, ND, minor injuries 

Restraints: none, treating patient  

Passenger No. 4: Kathy Borgen; 63 yo female; St. Cloud, FL, minor injuries 

Restraints: none, being treated in ambulance  

NARRATIVE: Edmore Ambulance Service was on scene attending to an injured driver from a previous rollover crash off of State Highway 1. The ambulance was partially in the northbound lane of State Highway 1 while the ambulance crew attended to the injured driver. A Jeep, driven by Klein, was northbound shortly after the ambulance had been attending to the injured driver from the previous crash. Klein struck the ambulance in the rear with the Jeep and suffered serious injuries due to the crash. Ambulance crew members also sustained injuries with the worst injuries being sustained to Trontvet. 

Langdon Ambulance Service was paged and brought Klein to Langdon Prairie Health to be treated for his injuries. Both Trontvet and Diseth also were transported to Langdon Prairie Health to be treated for their injuries. Borgen was transported to First Care Hospital to be treated for her injuries.  

The crash remains under investigation. 

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