Published April 11, 2022

VanWinkle Announces Candidacy for District 3 House

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Lori VanWinkle [Photo: submitted]
Lori VanWinkle [Photo: submitted]

MINOT — Lori VanWinkle is one of two endorsed Republican candidates running for the House of Representatives in District 3, along with Representative Jeff Hoverson.

Currently VanWinkle serves on the District 3 Executive Committee. She is an active participant in the grassroots movement in North Dakota, aiming to preserve Republican conservative values in policy and culture.

For the past 2 1/2 years, VanWinkle has been a realtor in Minot and is an active member
of the National Association of Realtors.

During the last legislative session, VanWinkle attended events at the state capitol, initiated conversations, and wrote testimony to legislators regarding her opposition to government overreach in response to COVID 19, and vaccination and masking mandates.

VanWinkle is pro-life. She urged North Dakota Legislators to honor SB 2030, barring universities from receiving academic state funding if they collaborated with abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.

Furthermore, she extends her concern for the rights of life at conception, and cares about the rights of life through natural death. “I want to see an end to our elderly being forced to spend their last days of life without loved ones at their side! As we have seen, and continue to see, since this scamdemic!”

Strong foundations of faith ground her in her stance on the biological definitions of male and female. She lobbied on behalf of HB 1298, which advocated for fairness in women’s sports and preserved female-only sports from the potential of male dominance. “I will continue to fight for the rights of women in athletics, and furthermore, I will resist the influence of Gender Theory in all aspects of our society.”

VanWinkle is actively serving as a member of the Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC), which helps the real estate industry by supporting legislation that protects homeownership rights.

VanWinkle is married and has four children.

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