Published February 25, 2022

The Tracks Development Coming to Minot

Written by
Jasahd Stewart
| The Dakotan
Model of The Tracks; front view [Photo: provided by EPIC Companies]
Model of The Tracks; front view [Photo: provided by EPIC Companies]

MINOT — EPIC Companies plans to build its largest mixed-use development project called The Tracks here in Minot, filled with commercial spaces and residencies, across from the new Trinity Hospital.

EPIC, a real estate investing and development company in Fargo, has already completed some projects in Minot such as Beaver Ridge and Blu on Broadway.

The Tracks will consist of several structures surrounding two public plazas: one with commercial/residency structures with a stage for public events and the other dedicated to a green community space and residencies. There will also be a small pond on the green side and underground parking throughout the development.

Model of The Tracks; top view [Photo: provided by EPIC Companies]

“These are the type of projects engineers like to do. They are challenging and are a very complex problem to solve, but these are what we call the fun ones to work on at the city,” said City Engineer Lance Meyer.

“The Tracks and the Big M building; they are challenging, and there is not a book on them,” said Minot native Todd Berning, the president of EPIC, during Minot’s city council meeting on Tuesday. Projects on this scale are rare in North Dakota. However, EPIC has also built projects like The Tracks called The Beacon in Grand Forks and The Lights in West Fargo.

“We’ve done projects like this in other communities around the state, mainly West Fargo and Grand Forks. I just can’t thank enough the leadership and the team under the city manager,” said Berning.

According to EPIC, The Tracks will provide people with a place to “live, work, and play.” The project will take on an industrial, track theme and will have names like “Maverick” and “Roughrider” given to each complex to honor the region’s heritage.

The Tracks will be able to provide housing for 468 residents, and certain structures will become available for housing as each of the three project phases are completed.

The Tracks project is scheduled to be completed in 2026 on the southwest side of town.

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