Published January 3, 2022

Cast of Star Trek: Discovery Coming to iMagicon 

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MINOT—iMagicon returns for its 8th year with some big names. The convention will be held April 29-May 1, 2022, at the Minot Municipal Auditorium and will be hosting four cast members from the CBS hit-series “Star Trek: Discovery.” 

The convention announced Doug Jones, Janet Kidder, Hannah Cheesman, and Ronnie Rowe, Jr. will be featured guests and panelists at this year’s event. 

“To say we are excited for these guests is an understatement,” said Leann Mellum, one of iMagicon’s event directors. “These guests were originally booked in 2020, but Covid restrictions put a halt to those plans. Restrictions lingered through 2021 and finally, two years later, it is going to happen.” 

“This is a major milestone toward a bold new horizon for the con,” event director Nicole Reifel add. “The convention continues to grow bigger each year, and this year, we had to officially move iMagicon’s night activities to the Grand Hotel.” 


This year’s special guests have decades of experience in the pop culture industry. 

Currently known as Saru on CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery,” Doug Jones has been acting for more than 30 years across television and film. From roles such as Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four” to Abe Sapien in “Hellboy” to a clown in “Batman Returns,” Jones has played a vast variety of characters throughout his career. Most notably, Jones can be seen in the Oscar-winning films, “The Shape of Water” and “Pan’s Labyrinth.” During Halloween, most fans may recognize him as Billy Butcherson from the hit movie “Hocus Pocus” and the highly anticipated sequel, “Hocus Pocus 2” (Initial release: 2022). 

Janet Kidder has a 30-year career under her belt with appearances on stage across Canada and the UK, and numerous TV and film credits to her name. Fans will recognize her as Osyraa in CBS’s “Star Trek: Discovery,” along with her film roles in “Bride of Chucky,” “La Femme Nikita,” “The Big Heist” and tv-series “Continuum” and “Arrow.” Kidder also made appearances on “Supernatural” and “The X-Files.” 

Hannah Cheesman is a CSA-nominated filmmaker, writer, and actor, as well as an emerging film director with several short and featured films under her belt. In 2020, her short film “Succor” premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. She has won several awards for her web series “Whatever, Linda.” Cheesman played Commander Airiam on CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 2. Cheesman also is in development on her forthcoming 30-minute cable dark comedy, “Badger.” 

Beginning acting all the way back in school, landing the roll of Will in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” in high school, Ronnie Rowe, Jr. has always loved to act. Professionally acting since 2003, he has appeared in numerous roles from “Bullet for Adolf” to “Black Cop” to Lieutenant Commander R.A. Bryce in CBS’ “Star Trek: Discovery.” 

A convention for all fandoms 

The convention celebrates all fandoms from video gaming, tabletop gaming, cosplay, anime, and more. Cosplay Contests are one of the most attended events at iMagicon with fans competing for the ultimate title of iMagicon Cosplayer of the Year, which includes a prize package and a large cash prize. Those wanting to compete in the handmade cosplay contest, must preregister in advance through iMagicon’s website. 

While cosplay may be one of the main features of the event, gaming is a close competition in popularity. Last year, iMagicon’s gaming was conducted by Hebi Studios, an independent gaming company out of San Antonio, TX. Fans should expect to see the return of Smash tournaments and more. 

iMagicon also are planning on the return of other fan favorite events such as Draw Offs Competitions, LARPing (live action role playing) and Escape Rooms. Vendors from all over the Midwest are set to attend, giving the convention a unique shopping experience for fans. 

“iMagicon is more than a place. It is a state of being,” said Jared Adams, event director. “Here you can be whatever you want, you can do just about anything. If you can imagine it and have dreamed of it in the universe of nerdom, iMagicon is the place for you.” 

Safety Protocols 

Attendees can expect to see a return of mandatory temperature checks at the door and possible mask wearing at the event, or just at individual booths - including special guests. 

“Similar to last year, special guests reserve the right to require masks when approaching their booths, during panel sessions and even in photo sessions; depending on the situation we may find ourselves in when April rolls around,” said Mellum. “We completely respect these guest’s comfort levels and will work with them on a decision as that time nears.” 

“The special guests just wanted to be upfront in advance, so attendees know what may be expected of them,” Mellum continued. 

These safety protocols have become a common practice as comic cons throughout the nation try to rebound and host events. 


VOLUNTEER: iMagicon is seeking volunteers to help make the event happen. To learn more, visit https://imagiconnd.com/volunteer/ 

HOTELS: The Hampton Inn & Suites (Minot) and The Grand Hotel (Minot) are hosting iMagicon attendees this year with special room blocks set aside for fans. 

TICKETS: Tickets to iMagicon run $20/ for individuals 14+; youth (13-7) are $5/day. Guests looking to attend the full weekend can get major discounts by purchasing tickets in advance of the event. 3-Day Convention Passes are being sold for $40 and 3-Day Family Passes for two individuals (14 and older) and two youth (13 and younger) are being sold for $60. Advanced Tickets can be purchased at www.imagiconnd.com. 

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