Ag Issues with Neil Roberts: Leo Bartolon Part 6

Nicole DesRosier
 May 6, 2022
The Dakotan:
This is Ag Issues with Neil Roberts.

Neil Roberts:
Welcome to another edition of Ag Issues. Our guest this week is NDSU cropping system specialist Leo Bartolon from the North Central Research Extension Center and Leo. Let's talk water hemp today and all this is concerning especially in eastern North Dakota and into Minnesota right.

Leo Bartolon:
Yes. So NDSU weed science team led by Dr. Jewel likely day evaluated a late season big weed scapes last fall to test for herbicide resistance across North Dakota. So more than 50 samples were tested for resistant to glyphosate, AOS inhibitor and PPO inhibitors and after evaluation samples from CAS County, Grand Forks, Griggs, Logan Ramsey region and stuntman counties were confirmed to be resistance to BP or inhibitor. So it's a very concerning problem related to weeds in the eastern part of the state, and several management options must be addressed to control it.

Neil Roberts:
All right. Good stuff, Leo. And hey, we'll talk more on water, hemp and management options when we come back.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to Ag Issues with Neil Roberts on the Dakotan Network.

Neil Roberts:
Talking Water, Hemp, today on issues of Leo, Bartolon and Leo, how about some management options here?

Leo Bartolon:
Yeah, we have some management considerations for areas with a resistant herbicide, water hemp. So since the resistance we're observed for a PPO inhibitor, applied is post emergence. The soil applied PPO inhibitor is still work but we can expect a reduction in the length of the residual effect. So the recommendation is overlapping residual group one herbicide and then you can reduce the number of water hemp plants that we are trying to control with the post emergence herbicide plantation. Because on the NDSU extension of crop in this report, we're going to give some instructions on how to submit samples to test if you have water hemp in your area.

Neil Roberts:
All right. Good stuff. We all that'll bring this report to a close. Until next time I'm Neil Roberts.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to the Dakotan Network. Real, Honest, Local News.

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