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Sakakawea Forecast Sinking

Latest Runoff Outlook Declines RIVERDALE – Snowfall and its Snow Water Equivalent continues to track well below normal in the Missouri River Basin. The latest numbers revealed in the February outlook compiled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers show a decline in the Forecast of Annual Runoff from 20.1-million-acre feet of water in the […]
by Kim Fundingsland
February 8, 2024

Youth Conservation and Leadership Summer Camp Opportunity

ND Game and Fish release The North Dakota Waterfowl Brigade summer camp is June 3-7 at the 4-H Center in Washburn.The five-day camp is a hands-on immersive learning experience for youth ages 13-17 designed to educate participants about the importance of wetland ecosystems, waterfowl biology, flock dynamics, shooting skills and safety, stewardship, public speaking, leadership […]
by The Dakotan
February 5, 2024

Mountain Snowpack Trending Very Low

Major Water Source for Lake Sakakawea This winter has been exceedingly mild, spurred by a strong El Nino, and has produced minimal snowfall – so far. The Rocky Mountain snowpack is trending much less than normal according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The latest Snow Water Equivalent data proved by the Corps, based […]
by Kim Fundingsland
January 30, 2024

Watchable Wildlife Checkoff on State Tax Form

ND Game and Fish Department release North Dakotans interested in supporting wildlife conservation programs should look for the Watchable Wildlife checkoff on the state tax form.The state income tax form gives wildlife enthusiasts an opportunity to support nongame wildlife like songbirds and birds of prey, while at the same time contributing to programs that help […]
by The Dakotan
January 29, 2024

What a Snarled Mess 

A Slice of Life It didn’t seem so bad with the door closed but, good grief, what a mess. A real, big time, embarrassing mess.  What kind of person could create such an embarrassment? Ah...me.  Now, dear reader, I respectfully ask that you do not rush to judgement as to my general habits in creating […]
by Kim Fundingsland
January 28, 2024

Spring Turkey Season Set

ND Game and Fish release The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is offering 8,137 wild turkey licenses for the 2024 spring hunting season, 725 more than last year.Thirteen of the 22 hunting units have more spring licenses than last year and eight remain the same. Unit 21 (Hettinger and Adams counties) is again closed […]
by The Dakotan
January 25, 2024

Cold Adjustment

A Slice of Life  Weird how 0-10 degrees feels pretty good after a spell of below zero temperatures and “dangerous” wind chills. I call it a North Dakota heat wave.   A bit much perhaps, but after a cold snap of several days like what was experienced throughout the state recently, a dose of warmer weather […]
by Kim Fundingsland
January 21, 2024

Record Number of Geese Tallied in State

ND Game and Fish release The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual midwinter waterfowl survey in early January was a record breaker.During the aerial midwinter survey, one of the longest running coordinated migratory bird surveys in North America, biologists counted more than 300,000 Canada geese.“Our old record was about 222,000 Canada geese, so we […]
by The Dakotan
January 18, 2024

Winter Weather

National Weather Service
by The Dakotan
January 17, 2024

Hunters Urged to Participate

ND Game and Fish release Hunters Urged to ParticipateNorth Dakota hunters receiving a survey this winter are encouraged to help with wildlife management by completing the survey online or returning it to the state Game and Fish Department.Big game, small game, waterfowl, swan, turkey and furbearer questionnaires are being sent to randomly selected hunters.It is […]
by The Dakotan
January 16, 2024
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