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Andrew Schultz

What’s With All The Wallering? 

Facts of Law  In the Appalachian Mountains, where I grew up, to “waller” meant to lay around lazily and do nothing, like a pig in the mud. It’s a slang term for “wallow,” with a Southern twang.  In North Dakota, “Waller” has taken a whole new meaning. The U.S. Supreme Court case of Waller v. […]
by Andrew Schultz
September 7, 2022

Facts of Law: North Dakota After Roe - A Complicated Mess

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning Roe v. Wade. The crux of the decision found no right to abortion contained within the various rights of the U.S. Constitution, effectively returning abortion regulation to the control of the states. Abortion is undoubtedly a […]
by Andrew Schultz
June 25, 2022

Facts of Law : Criminal Restitution Isn't As Clear As We Think

In any criminal case, a crime victim is entitled to “restitution,” the absolute right to be repaid for any financial losses suffered. This is a right protected in both our North Dakota Century Code, and our State Constitution. In recent years, with the adoption of constitutionally-protected victim’s rights in Marsy’s Law, several issues regarding restitution […]
by Andrew Schultz
June 18, 2022

Facts of Law: Anatomy of a Murder (Bond Hearing)

The Anita Knutson murder made huge headlines recently when Nichole Rice was formally charged and arrested in the case. She made her initial appearance the afternoon after her arrest. After being informed of her rights, the possible penalties of being convicted of murder, and setting future court dates, the Court held a bond hearing to […]
by Andrew Schultz
May 28, 2022

Facts of Law

I’m very excited to introduce myself as The Dakotan’s newest contributor.  I’m blessed to have this opportunity and will do my very best to entertain, inspire, or both, with each column. Now, here’s a little about me.  I’ve been a licensed attorney since 2009 and I own and operate Worthington & Schultz, P.C., a law […]
by Andrew Schultz
May 14, 2022
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