Published February 26, 2024

Enget Wins Republican Convention in Dis. 2

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Dis. 2 Republicans release

TIOGA – Mark Enget was elected unanimously by local Republicans to be the States Senate candidate for District 2 on February 24th in Tioga. Hundreds attended the endorsing convention.
In his campaign, Mark has stated the importance of respecting our “God-given, constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He added that “…cronyism and special interest handouts must stop. Unneeded funds accrued through taxation and royalties must be returned to the people via tax reductions. Entitlement programs must be fully justified or eliminated.”

On education, Mark said, “Math and reading proficiencies are at unacceptable levels across North Dakota. We must return to the essentials of classical education and foundational civic education. There is a drive to indoctrinate and harm our children with extreme ideologies, such as gender fluidity and critical race theory. The solution is to increase parental influence and accountability with educational materials and learning environments.”

Mark’s speech touted his experience: “I’ve enjoyed a successful 35-year career in the oil industry, and worked in a variety of different capacities around the world. I’ve been a field hand, managed local businesses, national businesses, and global enterprises.” He stated his firm support of continued oil exploration, as well as expanding nuclear, and that the government should not subsidize green energies.

Jerol Gohrick, the District 2 Republican Chair, said, “Our local Republicans came together to meet and consider potential candidates. They talked to Mark, vetted him, and unanimously decided to support him for the State Senate seat. We opened up the process as much as we could, and no other candidate expressed any interest in running at the convention. So I hope that all of our local Republicans will rally behind our party’s candidate. Mark will be a strong conservative leader and voice for District 2’s towns and rural communities in the state senate.”
Mark promised attendees: “I will be directly accountable to all of you. You rightfully have expectations of your representatives, and I welcome that. I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I know that by asking the right questions, I will find the right answers. If you all get involved and we work together, then anything is possible.”

“I love America, and I love North Dakota,” continued Mark. “I have been around the world and back, and I have found no better country, anywhere. When Roxie and I retired, we could have done so anywhere. But we chose North Dakota. We wanted to live in a community consisting of people just like you.”

The Republican primary election is June 11th, 2024. District 2 encompasses a large part of rural, northwestern North Dakota, including parts of north Williston, as well as the towns of Crosby, Tioga, Stanley, Ray, Epping, Grenora, White Earth, McGregor, Portal, Bowbells, Noonan, Lignite, Fortuna, and several other small towns. The district has tremendous agricultural, oil and coal industries.

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