Published September 26, 2022

NDHP Deploys New Vehicle  

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The Dakotan
| The Dakotan

Less Conspicuous 

NARRATIVE: The North Dakota Highway Patrol is deploying a patrol vehicle with reflective graphics that are less visible in the daytime and is equipped with interior lights rather than an external light bar. This less conspicuous vehicle will make it easier for troopers to detect aggressive drivers and crash-causing violations such as excessive speed and distracted driving. Often, if drivers see a police vehicle, they will slow down and drive safely until the officer is out of sight. Aggressive and inattentive driving puts the driver, other motorists, vehicle occupants, and pedestrians at risk.  

“The purpose of this less conspicuous patrol vehicle is to allow officers to observe dangerous driving behaviors directly and serve as a deterrent to eliminate needless crashes ,” said NDHP Colonel Brandon Solberg.  

This less conspicuous patrol vehicle will be used in areas of the state where there has been an increase in motorists engaging in dangerous driving behaviors, beginning in the Fargo area. The NDHP encourages all motorists to make safe, responsible driving decisions and to follow all traffic laws to ensure safe travels for everyone on the roadway. 

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