Published March 1, 2022

Ward County Commissioners Support Ukraine

Written by
Jasahd Stewart
| The Dakotan
Ward County Commissioners share a resolution of support for Ukraine at Commissioners Chambers on March 1, 2022 [Photo: Ward County Vimeo footage]
Ward County Commissioners share a resolution of support for Ukraine at Commissioners Chambers on March 1, 2022 [Photo: Ward County Vimeo footage]

MINOT — Ward County Commissioner John Pietsch read a resolution of support for Ukraine on behalf of the commissioners on Tuesday morning.

“Let it be resolved that the members of the Ward County Commission of North Dakota affirm its unwavering support for the country of Ukraine, the people of Ukraine, the leaders of Ukraine, and the brave patriotic defenders of the country of Ukraine.

We strongly condemn Russia, under the immoral leadership of Vladimir Putin, in an unjustified and indiscriminate invasion of the sovereign democratic country of Ukraine and its peaceful people.

Let it also be affirmed that Russia immediately order its military action against Ukraine cease and its troops leave all borders within Ukraine and allow the people of Ukraine to determine their own destiny.

We also acknowledge the courage exhibited by the Ukraine leaders and the people of Ukraine in the defense of freedom and democracy that all countries of the world that honor these same values would be very proud.” asserted Pietsch.

“I think the vast, vast majority of people agree with your statement,” said Chairman Jim Rostad, after commending Pietsch for his choice of words in the resolution.

Pietsch said he felt compelled to show support for Ukraine.

“The way they are fighting for freedom and democracy. It is just an example to the rest of the world for how important it is. I think so many people who have had it forever take it for granted. But when you’ve had it for such a short time and then to have it taken away, you see how valuable it really is,” Pietsch said.

When asked what he felt regarding Russia’s perspective for going to war with Ukraine, Pietsch responded, “I think the majority of Russian people would say, ‘We don’t want this war. We want peace with Ukraine.’”

Although Ward County is small in comparison to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Pietsch said he hopes that by showing support for Ukraine it “ripples into a wave of support” from other communities throughout the area.

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