Published March 31, 2022

Senators React to Biden Administration's Planned Release from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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The Dakotan
| The Dakotan

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer today issued the following statements after President Biden announced a plan to release oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“The Biden administration has been taking the wrong approach to energy development. In an energy rich nation like ours, consumers should not be burdened by skyrocketing energy prices,” said Hoeven. “Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and calling on OPEC to produce more oil are not real long-term solutions, and won’t provide hardworking families relief at the pump. Instead, the administration should take the handcuffs off our domestic energy industry and empower them to increase production and utilize the full potential of America’s abundant oil and natural gas reserves.”

“Another massive release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is political gimmickry at its worst," Cramer said. "The last time President Biden released oil from the SPR, gas prices temporarily dropped a mere two cents, but more importantly the Biden Administration’s bad energy policy is not a national emergency. They would rather negotiate with despots and terrorists and deplete our emergency stockpiles instead of producing American oil, which comes with good-paying American jobs and wealth creation. The Biden Administration has been wrong at every single step and he is doubling down.”

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