Published February 9, 2022

Trinity Health Foundation Announces $50,000 Donation for Resiliency Room

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MINOT — Trinity Health Foundation recently received a $50,000 donation from retired nurse, Joanne Quale, to aid in the creation of Trinity Health’s Resiliency Room.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on healthcare. In addition to the devastation it has caused, it has brought new challenges and demands to nurses, providers, and staff around the world. Because of the nursing shortage, current nursing staff at Trinity Health are working more shifts and longer hours to meet the needs of patient care. In the second year of the pandemic, the extra challenges and work demands have continued to take a toll physically and mentally on the nursing staff.

Karen Zimmerman, Trinity Health’s Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services had the idea for the Resiliency Room and reached out to the Trinity Health Foundation for help with this project. “COVID has tremendously impacted our front-line staff, especially our newer nurses. They have seen things in a short-time that many of us only see over a lifetime. This has left many of them struggling with mental health issues (similar to PTSD) requiring therapy, sometimes medication, and support to help them cope. As I look at ways to help them, it was apparent that we do not have a place for people to go to truly regroup or take a “restful” break. Our breakrooms are often busy with several people in them; our lunch room is busy; and the chapel is not always the first choice for people. I wanted to create a serene space where people can go to refuel and refresh (even if it is for 5 minutes),” said Zimmerman.

As a result, the Resiliency Room was created through a generous $50,000 donation from Joanne Quale, a robust supporter of the nursing community and Trinity Health Foundation programs. The room is dedicated to Ruth Rexine, who has been a Trinity nurse for 50 years.

The Resiliency Room is a place where nurses can take a break, find respite, or just catch their breath.  A room at the current hospital has been remodeled to include painting the room a soothing color, adding soft flooring, and furnishing it with two massage chairs with curtains draped between each chair for privacy. Trinity Health Foundation has also donated two electronic tablets downloaded with calming meditative apps. The room has also been stocked with a small fridge containing bottles of water and ice packs for the nurses. The furnishings in the room will be utilized now in the current hospital and will then be moved to the new campus in 2023, once opened.

Trinity Health Foundation was established in 1922 to assist in the establishment of the Trinity Hospital. Over the last 100 years, the foundation has been supported through the financial stewardship of individuals, families, foundations, corporations, civic clubs, and other organizations, with the purpose of significantly impacting healthcare and the quality of life in the region. Through generous donations, we are able to fulfill our mission of creating a system of care that provides the most significant impact on health and wellness throughout northwest North Dakota.

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