Published June 22, 2023

New Name for Health Foundation

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St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation Celebrates 25 years

St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation celebrated 25 years as a community foundation and announced a new name, Inspiritus Community Health Foundation, on June 14. 

The new name Inspiritus means “into life”, “into soul”, “into breathing”.  “To inspire: to move or guide by divine influence”.  “The use of the Latin word Inspiritus is an ode to the Foundation’s history while also being inclusive and relevant to the mission. We wanted to pay homage to our heritage while creating something new and fresh.”   Katelyn Denne, Board and Logo Task Force Member, Inspiritus Community Health Foundation.

The quadrants within the heart shaped logo represent 4 aspects of health; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional; all which are included in the foundation’s mission statement. The colors tie into the Twice Blessed program logo to help associate the two.   The T shape in the middle is the Greek letter tau and holds significant meaning.  The tau is used to represent a cross, reflecting the Foundation’s faith-based philosophy, and is a nod to the sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity.  The new name and logo acknowledge the past while moving the organization forward.

“It certainly is a rich history, and now we are moving into the future with a new look.  Our mission remains the same. ”  Shelly Weppler, President, Inspiritus Community Health Foundation.

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