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Published February 10, 2023

Minot Security Forces Airman saves a life  

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MINOT AIR FORCE BASE – U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Nicholas Thompson, 5th Security Forces Squadron response team leader, provided life-saving emergency response to a fellow Airman after an accidental cut led to a severed artery.  

Thompson arrived at the Magic City Gate one afternoon to begin his shift and, due to icy conditions and an influx of people leaving work, tasked Airman 1st Class Cedric Amoranto with de-icing the pavement. Amoranto attempted to open a new bucket of salt, but the lid was stuck tight. Thompson handed over his utility knife and went back to working the gate as Amoranto attempted once more to open the container.  

Several minutes later, Amoranto returned to the gate with what he thought was a minor cut on his pinky after the knife had accidentally slipped. Thompson observed the injury and noticed a much deeper cut that Amoranto had not felt on his forearm. An artery had been cut and blood began spurting almost a foot in front of him onto the concrete. 

Using his first-aid knowledge, Thompson immediately applied a tourniquet above Amoranto’s wound as another Airman at the gate called emergency services. First responders’ response time was slower than average that day due to unfavorable road conditions. Once emergency medical technicians arrived on scene, they took over and were able to transport the injured Airman to the hospital for treatment. 

“When I arrived at the hospital the doctor told me I would have bled out in three minutes if it weren’t for Thompson quickly applying the tourniquet,” said Amoranto.  

Because of his flawless response and ability to react effectively to the emergency, Thompson was awarded The Air and Space Achievement Medal and members of Team Minot can look forward to seeing Amoranto greet them at the front gate. 

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