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Tag: Legislative Special Session 2021

Legislative Redistricting Bill Signed

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has signed HB 1504, the legislative redistricting bill approved this week during a special legislative session. Redistricting was on the “must do” list for legislators. A new district alignment was necessary due to population growth revealed in the 2020 census.  “The historic process marked the first…
November 12, 2021

Rep. Hoverson Apologizes to House

6:05 p.m., Nov. 11--As a follow up to an earlier report by The Dakotan, Rep. Jeff Hoverson (R-Dis. 3, Minot) apologized to the entire House of Representatives in this evening's current session. He apologized for his actions "out of the decorum of the body," referring to his very public comment…
November 11, 2021

Anti-Vaccine-Mandate Bill Moves Forward

5:35 p.m., Nov. 11-- HB 1511 has been moved forward by the Joint Technical Corrections Committee. This bill is the only bill moving forward that would offer protection to many North Dakotans from COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Because the JTCC moved HB 1511 forward with a Do Pass recommendation, they gave…
November 11, 2021

"Right To Try" Bill Moves Forward

3:45 p.m., Nov. 11--HB 1514, sponsored by Rep. Bill Tveit (R-Dis. 33, Hazen), was sent forward with a "Do Pass" recommendation to be heard by the full House of Representatives. Among other things, this bill would allow medical providers with prescribing authority to prescribe the drug Ivermectin to treat COVID-19…
November 11, 2021

Senator Poolman Announces She Will Not Seek Re-election

1:40 p.m., Nov. 11--Senator Nicole Poolman (R-Dis.7, Bismarck) just announced on the Senate floor that she will not be seeking re-election. As her reasons she noted the following: 1. She wants to focus more on her job as a teacher at Century High School 2. She wants to be more…
November 11, 2021

Thursday Morning House Actions

11:30 a.m., Nov. 11--The House moved through several bills this morning. All the following were passed and will be heard in the Senate beginning this afternoon: HB 1515 - relating to a one-time income tax credit HCR 3049 - relating to declaring parents as the primary stakeholder over the lives…
November 11, 2021

Joint Committee Hearing Continues on HB 1511 Regarding Vaccine Mandates

11:15 a.m., Nov 11--The Joint Technical Corrections Committee is meeting this morning to continue to hear testimony on some of the bills that remain to be dealt with at the committee level. Numerous amendments have been offered already. There is still much to be debated. Currently Rep. Rick Becker (R-Dis.…
November 11, 2021

Tax Bills Moved Forward

4:35 p.m., Nov. 10--Two tax bills were taken up by the Joint Technical Corrections Committee (JTCC) this afternoon. FIrst, SB 2351 which would eliminate state income tax on Social Security income. That measure was moved forward with a Do Pass recommendation to the full houses. The vote was 15-1. There…
November 10, 2021

Senate Narrowly Includes Sub-districts

2:25 p.m., Nov. 10--The North Dakota Senate just completed a vigorous debate about the sub-districting of legislative districts 4 and 9 within the joint redistricting plan. The vote to include the sub-districts only narrowly passed, by a vote of 26-21.
November 10, 2021

Full House Vote to Accept Joint Redistricting Plan

7:05 a.m., Nov. 10--Yesterday afternoon, the ND House of Representatives voted to accept the redistricting plan presented by the Joint Redistricting Committee. See photo below for the complete vote tally. See Minor Revisions to Redistricting Plan for fuller coverage of this issue.
November 10, 2021
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