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Spring Fever Baseball with Neil Roberts: Joe Ryan

Nicole DesRosier
 April 5, 2022

The Dakotan: And now it's time for Spring Fever with the Twins with Neil Roberts from Fort Myers, Florida.

Neil Roberts: He was a key piece in the Nelson Cruz deal last season with Tampa Bay. Joe Ryan starting pitcher, got a call up last year already with the Twins two and one record, 4.05 era and impressed a lot of fans. Joe joins us now. And Joe, how did it feel out there in the bigs last year pitching for the Twins.

Joe Ryan: Oh it felt great, make the debut dream come true. So just too great to be out there and couldn't ask for a better organization to be ready for that to happen. So just to blast Saturday get rolling here in spring.

Neil Roberts: Speaking of spring, what are you working on specifically down here?

Joe Ryan: Just in my bullpen probably 20 minutes ago right now. First one since I've been down here. So feels good to just get back up on the mound and trying to knock some of that jetlag and the travel rust off me right now and just get back into the swing of things, getting that groove so, so good, executing everything and just having fun and get through Gary and got our plan together.

Joe Ryan: It was good to just communicate with him and see what we want to do and great first been together. So that was fun to get out there and curveballs coming out great side. It's been a lot easier just to get the action. I want a little bit more consistently and changeups there. It's been pretty fun to to find and just excited to be getting after it again.

Neil Roberts: Awesome. Hey, we'll talk Olympics when we come back.

The Dakotan: You're listening to Spring Fever Baseball on the Minnesota Twins with Neil Roberts on the Dakotan network.

Neil Roberts: We're with Twins starting pitcher Joe Ryan and Joe of course, you got a chance to pitch for the USA in the Olympics. You guys won a silver medal, I believe you pick first this semi. Tell us something. A thrill.

Joe Ryan: That was it was awesome. I think it was a good set up second from the minors, and we had great fans in Durham. But I think just having no fans, Neil, makes the pressure is a little bit different. Knowing that is probably the most exciting sport for the country of Japan there. So it's cool to be on the field for.

Joe Ryan: That would have been amazing with fans, but it was just an honor to put on that USA jersey and go represent.

Neil Roberts: All right. Hey, Joe, thanks for joining us. Have a great 2022 of the all the best thank you now. Joe Ryan with us everybody that concludes this edition. And I'm Neil Roberts.

The Dakotan: You're listening to the Dakotan Network. Real, Honest, Local News.

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