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Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and Greg Gullickson 44

Nicole DesRosier
 June 4, 2022
The Dakotan:
This is Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and North Dakota Game and Fish outreach biologist Greg Gullickson

Neil Roberts:
We're in the midst of the deer application process Now, there are some frustrated hunters out there feeling they often get the short end of the stick on this deal. Give us some tips here today. I know you have a few.

Greg Gullickson:
Yeah, I certainly do. And just reminder, the Deer Gun application and this is for Deer Gun. This is for grant us applications and muzzle loader. That deadline is Wednesday, June 8th at midnight so make sure log on to the Game and Fish Department website before that. And yeah, the short end of the stick, I'm sitting on three preference points for my dear lottery tag. I'm sitting on 12 points for my most loader tag. So strategy is part of it too. I always hunt in the same unit. So kind of pigeonholed to wanting to draw that book tag in that unit. But one other thing is generally your odds if you apply for Dojo are considerably better. And we always have left over deer licenses. Almost every year there's leftover deer licenses. They are antler less or dole licenses. But if you want to switch units or try hunting in another area, that's definitely one way to do it. With the amount of muzzle loader points that I have for that muzzle loader bark tag and I really enjoy hunting with the muzzle order that late season. Hardly anyone else out there. Once I use up these points that I'm crossing my fingers that I draw with 12 this year for the muzzle order I'm going to switch tactics. I'm actually going to go back to applying for a dole with that muzzle loader license and that definitely does increase my odds.

Neil Roberts:
All right. Good stuff, Greg. More on lotteries when we come back.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts on the Dakotan Network.

Neil Roberts:
Talking wildlife lotteries today on Outdoor Issues. And Greg how about one more quick strategy?

Greg Gullickson:
You know, and this applies to everything moose, elk, bighorn sheep, your white tailed deer. One of the things is your odds of drawing an antler lists are considerably better, and all the drawing percentages are printed in North Dakota outdoors and available online.

Neil Roberts:
All right. Good stuff, Greg. And hey, that brings this report to a close. Until next time, I'm Neil Roberts.

The Dakotan:
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