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Northern Celebrations: They’re back – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service welcomes visitors with two special upcoming events

Only a 2011 historic flood and two-year pandemic kept Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) from hosting Special Needs Fishing Day each June. While that same pandemic halted Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery’s annual Memorial Day weekend Hatchery Fun Day for two years, both activities are back and hosts are…
May 21, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Celebrating the joy of migration

The boisterous chirping was treasured morning music as the two Hunting Maniacs of the household and I started our early morning walking routine – they pretending to “hunt” along the muddy trail and me hoping they didn’t get too filthy in the process. The mud was welcomed even though it…
May 14, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Paddlefish – a survivor of time   

They’re a treasure, a living fossil surviving millions of years found in only one part of North America. And some call North Dakota home. They’re paddlefish, a massive, prehistoric fish scientists trace back to the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago. Only one other paddlefish species found in Asia exists…

Northern Celebrations: Spring means tick season         

They’re small. They’re annoying. But they can also be debilitating and deadly. For some beloved dog owners, Tick Season is a year-around occurrence. For others, it’s a seasonal thing. How soon it starts, how long it lasts, and the types of diseases they can transmit vary with one’s location in…
April 30, 2022

Northern Celebrations: A big catch   

It’s not every day an angler lands a 48-inch freshwater fish and has to release because it’s too small. Yes, you read that right – it’s too small. When it comes to catching a muskellunge (muskie) in North Dakota, though, that’s exactly what happens – N.D. Game and Fish Department…
April 23, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Think spring, think fishing

Spring means throngs of migrating waterfowl resonating overhead as they return to nest. It’s wildlife awakening from their winter survival mode. It’s green grass and early wildflowers as crocuses and other flowers pop seemingly out of nowhere. And it’s fishing. Finally, it’s open water fishing. To Jason Lee, an avid…
April 16, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Maple sugaring North Dakota style

Maple syrup – thick and deliciously oozing true maple syrup – is probably any pancake lover’s true delight. Home-grown, North Dakota maple syrup isn’t a reality because the maple tree species producing maple syrup don’t grow in the state. But Chad Trautman, Garrison, discovered a passion for a different type…
April 9, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Navigating the waters                                 

It might not seem possible in a prairie state like North Dakota, but the N.D. Game and Fish Department manages more than 450 lakes. Some are as grand as massive Lake Sakakawea or ever popular Devils Lake while others are as tiny as the North Dakota State Fair Community Pond…
March 26, 2022

Northern Celebrations: A Treasure in Paradise Found

The late Dr. Valerius Geist, Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, was the first scientist to study Stone’s sheep native to northern British Columbia. Expecting to find “some modest scientific gain…”, as he described years later in his book, Wild Sheep Country, instead, he wrote:…
March 19, 2022

Northern Celebrations: Fish need oxygen, too

We don’t see it because they’re under water, but fish need oxygen, too. Granted, they get it differently than us humans but just as sunlight and oxygen are critical for people, it’s critical for fish. One problem snowy states like North Dakota face is that while it melts to provide…
March 12, 2022
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