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Marvin Nelson

Upside Down Under: The Saudi Arabia of wind…

When I was working at the Minot Daily News, I interviewed Senator Kent Conrad one day about the rise of wind energy in North Dakota. On that day, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for a wind energy project near Velva. At one point during our interview Conrad told me that wind energy has no limit […]
by Marvin Nelson
May 29, 2022

What Challenges Face the Democratic Nonpartisan League in North Dakota? 

Editor’s note—The Dakotan has asked one legislator from either side of the aisle to answer the following question: “What challenges do you foresee on your side of the aisle as we enter a new campaign season in 2022?” What follows is the response we received from Rep. Marvin Nelson, D-Dis. 9, Rolla.   We also received the following response [link] […]
by Marvin Nelson
January 7, 2022

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