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Fascination with Flight

Velva man rebuilds early biplane VELVA — Inside a hanger a few miles north of here sits a glistening airplane, dark red with brilliant white wings. Two of them. The stunning biplane was reconstructed by Larry Linrud, 74, a man who has been around airplanes most of his life.   Linrud spent nearly 40 years in the aerial spraying business. In the 1970s and 80s, […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 5, 2021

La Nina Winter Ahead

Greatest impact in new year Enjoy the seasonal fall weather now and prepare for some unusually cold winter conditions in the months ahead. That’s the gist of a Winter Weather Briefing held by the National Weather Service in Bismarck.  While long-range weather forecasting always comes with myriad unknowns, what is known is that La Nina is active and growing. […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 4, 2021

Shortages Evident Throughout the State

Supply slow for many consumer goods The supply shortage for a variety of goods is becoming increasingly evident in Minot and throughout the state. More and more shoppers are dealing with the frustration of not being able to find what they are looking for. Retailers too are dealing with the same issues—it’s just darn tough to get products they want to put on shelves for consumers. Lengthy […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 3, 2021

FEMA To Re-Evaluate Flood Plain Map

Minot Granted Temporary Appeal Residents weary of possible inclusion in floodplain maps, and the increased flood insurance premiums that come with such inclusion, have been granted at least a temporary reprieve. At Monday night’s City Council meeting Lance Meyer, city engineer, revealed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has agreed to re-evaluate its previously issued […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 2, 2021

Doc Holliday’s Roadhouse

A Taste of History in Williston Some places you just can’t drive past. Doc Holliday’s Roadhouse in Williston is certainly one of them. No question about it. Hungry, thirsty, or just plain find frontier history to your liking? You will get your fix at Doc Holliday’s and come back for more. Customers at Doc Holliday’s […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 2, 2021

Questions Surround Special Session

When the State Legislature reconvenes November 8 in Bismarck, it will do so without knowing how long the session will last. There’s plenty of speculation among lawmakers, ranging from four days to two weeks or more. What is known is that on Friday Governor Doug Burgum called a Special Session of the legislature, a change […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 31, 2021

Legislative Session Uncertainty

Ballots, mandates among items to consider ***UPDATE: After this article was scheduled for publishing, Governor Burgum issued Executive Order 2021-17 calling for a Special Session of the North Dakota Legislature to begin November 8. Keep checking The Dakotan for more updates about the upcoming Special Session. When the state’s legislators reconvene in Bismarck on November […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 30, 2021

Minot Lawmaker Escorted from Airport

A planned anniversary trip for a Minot man and his wife was grounded at the Minot International Airport earlier this week. Rep. Jeff Hoverson, R-Dis. 3, Minot, was pulled out of the passenger screening line where he and his wife intended to board an Allegiant Airlines flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Hoverson said when he went […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 29, 2021

Fatal Disease Strikes North Dakota Deer

Whitetail Deaths Widespread It is a sad sight that has become all too common throughout western North Dakota, even spreading east of U.S. Highway 83 and the Missouri River. Dead deer. Lots of them. Most are found lying in water where, in the final stages of life, they were trying to cool down from intense […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 27, 2021

Minot Public Schools Realignment Project

Bond election set for December 7 “It will be very serviceable and a very nice building,” said Mark Vollmer, Minot Public Schools Superintendent, in response to a citizen’s question about renovation plans for the Cognizant Building on Minot’s northwest edge. The building, which Vollmer called a $14 million structure, was gifted to Minot Public Schools […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 27, 2021

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