Published January 16, 2023

Upcoming Bills Before State Legislature 

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Lydia Hoverson
| The Dakotan
The front of the House floor at the North Dakota State Capitol. (Photo: Lydia Hoverson/The Dakotan)
The front of the House floor at the North Dakota State Capitol. (Photo: Lydia Hoverson/The Dakotan)

Introduced by Republicans, Democrats 


BISMARCK – Several interesting bills have been introduced in the current session of the State Legislature, with some that may be agreed upon by most lawmakers and some that may not. 

Senator Bob Paulson, R-Dis. 3, Minot, introduced Senate Bill 2247, which would prohibit institutions under the control of a state board from conducting mandatory training that includes a divisive concept, nor penalize students and faculty for refusing to support it. Some of the divisive concepts defined in the bill is the teaching that an individual is privileged due to his or her race or sex, or that the United States is fundamentally or irredeemably racist or sexist.  

Paulson also introduced Senate Bill 2260, relating to parental rights in a child’s upbringing.  

Rep. Karen Anderson, R-Dis. 19, Grafton, is sponsoring House Bill 1368, which would prohibit any public entity from entering a contract with a company that is boycotting goods and services from Israel. She is also sponsoring House Bill 1265 which would require school districts to include human growth and development discussions in their life science curriculum.  

Rep. Bill Tveit, R-Dis. 33, Hazen, introduced House Bill 1194, which amends subsection 2 of section 62.1-02-05 of the North Dakota Century Code. The law currently prohibits the possession of firearms at a public gathering. This bill would make an exception for veterans of the military with a class 1 firearm’s license. Tveit is also sponsoring House Bill 1254, which would make performing a transgender surgery on a minor a class B felony. 

Rep. Brandon Prichard, R-Dis. 8, Bismarck, is sponsoring House Bill 1333, which would ban adult cabaret performances such as drag shows on public property or within the line of vision of a minor. He also introduced House Bill 1332, which would unban conversion therapy for consenting individuals. 

Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Dis. 46, Fargo, introduced House Bill 1314, relating to the securing of ballot dropboxes, requiring ballots to be collected no less than once per day. He also introduced House Bill 1324, which gives more power to the Secretary of State to determine if there are enough valid signatures on a petition for a measure to be on an election ballot.  

Rep. Matt Heilman, R-Dis. 7, Bismarck, introduced House Bill 1155, which would prohibit the state and political subdivisions from granting noncitizens unlawfully present in the United States the right to lawful presence within the state or subdivisions. Heilman also introduced House Bill 1404, which prohibits the state board of higher education from banning concealed firearms possessed by individuals authorized to do so. 

19-year-old Rep. Dawson Holle, R-Dis. 31, Mandan, introduced House Bill 1255, which changes the definition of milk from cow milk to milk from any healthy four-legged hooved mammal.  

“I wanted to clean up the verbage because it’s based towards cows right now, and there’s many other families of mammals that give milk,” Holle explained.  

Rep. Zachary Ista, D-Dis. 43, Grand Forks, introduced House Bill 1329, which reduces the standard for a teacher’s lifetime licensure from 30 years to 20 years. 

Senator Kathy Hogan, D-Dis. 21, Fargo, introduced Senate Bill 2237 relating to childcare tax credit.  

Rep. Gretchen Dobervich, D-Dis. 11, Fargo, is sponsoring House Bill 1282, which exempts feminine hygiene products from sales tax. She is also sponsoring House Bill 1281, which repeals section 12.1-20-17 of the century code. The century code currently creates a class A felony for individuals who willfully transfer body fluid containing the human immunodeficiency virus to another person. 

Senator Tim Mathern, D-Dis. 11, Fargo, introduced Senate Bill 2142, relating to healthcare for immigrants, as well as Senate Bill 2071, which increases medical assistance coverage for pregnant women. 

Rep. Josh Boschee, D-Dis. 44, Fargo, introduced House Bill 1310, which voids restrictions from condo associations on homeowners’ ability to install the infrastructure needed to support their own electric vehicles.  

“I think it’s important, especially as we see from an affordable homeownership standpoint, more and more condos being built,” said Boschee. “I represent downtown Fargo, and we’re actually seeing it where people have tried this and run into an issue with their association. We know more and more people are going to be buying electric vehicles. Some people may not like that, but it’s their home, they should be able to do whatever they want.” 

After Monday, January 16, each senator may introduce no more than three bills. Wednesday, January 18, is the deadline for representatives to introduce bills.

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