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Sports Betting Resolution Passes North Dakota House 

Lydia Hoverson
 January 12, 2023

Minot Representatives’ Mixed Speeches 


BISMARCK – Sports betting may be a measure on the November 2024 ballot for citizens of North Dakota. 

The House narrowly passed House Concurrent Resolution 3002 by a vote of 49 to 44. The resolution would put sports betting on the general election ballot as a constitutional measure. 

A Minot Representative, Lori VanWinkle, R-Dis. 3, spoke against the resolution. 

“I see gambling as something that chases fantasies and fuels a spirit of lust, which is unable to be satisfied with a constant thirst for more,” said VanWinkle. “Gambling is already acceptable under certain parameters in North Dakota. Extending it to sports will corrupt sports and the sanctity of fun competition and true athletics, and instead turn it into a money making scandal. Consider the implications of this on families as well.” 

Another Minot Representative, Scott Louser, R-Dis. 5, was in favor of the resolution. 

“I often hear the frustrations of our residents that can’t place bets on games that they love while they’re in North Dakota,” said Louser. “What they can do is download the apps, fund their accounts, take advantage in some cases of house money, while physically in other states. However when they return to North Dakota, that same app, owned by the same owner, doesn’t work within our boundaries. If the majority of North Dakotans think sports betting is bad for the state, they’ll vote no.” 

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