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Jason Lee with walleye
Jason Lee with walleye

Hooked on the Outdoors

Kim Fundingsland
 December 14, 2022

Fisheries Fixture Ends Career

RIVERDALE – He’s made a difference, had an impact. No question about that. Jason Lee, North Dakota Game and Fish Department North-Central District supervisor, is retiring at the end of this month. He takes more than 31 years of experience in North Dakota fisheries with him.

Lee graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1990 with a degree in fisheries and wildlife biology. His first job was with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“After 11 months I had a chance to come back to North Dakota and work at the Spiritwood field office, my first job with Game and Fish,” recalled Lee.

In 1992 Lee was hired as a fisheries biologist stationed in Riverdale. Later he took the job as South-Central District supervisor, a position that would land him back in Riverdale as the North-Central District fisheries supervisor in 2007.

“I grew up on a farm and ranch about 23 miles from Stanley, graduated from Stanley High School,” said Lee. “I’ve always been an outdoor guy, since I was a little kid.”

Lee found fisheries to be his calling, saying he “really liked it and stuck with it.” He also has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

“I couldn’t ask for a better job than working for Game and Fish in the fisheries division,” said Lee.

During his career as North-Central District supervisor Lee has had a major hand in managing lakes throughout his district, checking fish populations, water quality, oxygen content, stocking, and much more. His biggest body of water to oversee was Lake Audubon which boasts a thriving variety of fish, including the introduction of muskellunge which has proven to be a remarkable success.

Dave Fryda will be taking over Lee’s position. Fryda is currently the Missouri River System supervisor in Riverdale, a position that includes fisheries management of Lake Sakakawea.

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