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Dan Jonasson, Minot public works director, addresses bus stop concerns. (Photo: Lydia Hoverson/The Dakotan)
Dan Jonasson, Minot public works director, addresses bus stop concerns. (Photo: Lydia Hoverson/The Dakotan)

Bus Concerns Addressed

Lydia Hoverson
 December 6, 2022

City Council Hears Explanation


MINOT – After hearing complaints about the bus stop near Walmart, the city addressed concerns.

At the city council meeting Monday, Dan Jonasson, public works director, addressed concerns from a resident about the distance between the bus stop and Walmart.

“Number one, getting off the bus when it’s snowed so deep,” said Jeff Cool, Minot resident at the last meeting. “And number two, the very distance to the groceries, and the distance that they have to transport those groceries back is very difficult for people that are less mobile than I am.”

Jonasson responded this week saying the bus stop used to be near the tire center entrance of Walmart.

“Walmart was doing a bunch of construction,” said Jonasson. “They asked us to move it off of their property. We had moved it a little further to the north towards 37th. We had some complaints from local businesses there that users of the bus stop were waiting in their lobby all the time.”

Jonasson said the city tried to find a place on Walmart’s property, but Walmart wasn’t receptive to providing a location.

“We had to move it out to 37th Avenue,” Jonasson explained. “That is the closest location we could find on the Walmart property. We have reached out to Walmart Corporate several times. The last few times with no answer back at all.”

The Dakotan called Walmart and did not receive a response.

“There is nothing we can force a private business to do,” said council member Carrie Evans. “Thanks for bringing that to our attention.”

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