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Fiery Fatal Crash  

Kim Fundingsland
 October 12, 2022

Vehicles Burn on Roadway

What: Fatal  

Where: 6 mi south and west of Glasston  

When: 4:24 AM CDST on 10/12/2022  

Road Conditions: Good  

Weather Conditions: Clear/windy  

Crash Involvement: Vehicle/Vehicle  

Type of Crash: Head on/angle collision  

Agencies Involved: NDHP, Pembina County Sheriff’s Office, St. Thomas Fire Department, Cavalier Ambulance Service 

 Vehicle No. 1: Chevrolet Avalanche, unknown year  

Driver No. 1: Male  

Restraints: none  

Charges: N/A  

Vehicle No. 2: 2007 International Farm Dump Truck 

Driver No. 2: Ty Smith; 31; male; Broken Arrow, OK; minor injuries

Restraints: Seatbelt  

Charges: None  

NARRATIVE: Vehicle 1 was a Chevrolet Avalanche (unknown year) that was westbound from an unknown location. Driver 1 slowly veered into the eastbound lane of traffic on Pembina County Road 3. Vehicle 2, a 2007 International Farm Dump Truck, driven by Ty Smith, was coming from a field loaded with sugar beets traveling eastbound on Pembina County Road 3. Smith was struck by the Avalanche in the eastbound lane on the passenger side of the Avalanche. Driver 1 was ejected, and both the Avalanche and Farm Truck were engulfed in flames. Identification of Driver 1 is pending. Following identification and notification of next of kin.

The crash remains under investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol. 

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