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Fatal Shooting Justified 

AP - The Dakotan
 September 26, 2022

Ruling by Attorney General 

FARGO (AP) — North Dakota's attorney general says officers were justified in their use of deadly force against a man police say was having a mental health crisis. 

Attorney General Drew Wrigley, Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner and other officials held a news conference Monday to provide additional information on the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Andrew Martinez in Mapleton on Aug. 1. 

Wrigley says four officers fired their weapons when Martinez, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, appeared in the doorway of a residence and pointed the weapon at them following a four-hour standoff. 

Negotiators urged Martinez to come out of the house without his weapon. 

Wrigley says 20 to 25 rounds were fired by the officers and five gunshots struck Martinez, who died at the scene after life-saving measures were attempted. 

Jahner says no shots were fired at officers. 

Neighbors were told to stay indoors during the standoff. 

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