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Published June 15, 2022

Minot Election Results

Written by
Nicole DesRosier
| The Dakotan

MINOT — The biggest upset of the night was Alderman Tom Ross beating out his opponents Miranda Schuler and Incumbent Shaun Sipma to be the next mayor of Minot.

“Now the work begins. We’ve got exciting times ahead of us. We’re going to get people engaged,” Ross said.

Minot’s City Council Incumbents Paul Pitner, Mark Jantzer, and Lisa Olson held onto their seats, while Zach Raknerud came in fourth. Darrick Trudell still appeared on the ballot and received votes, even though he had withdrawn prior to the election.

The race for District 3 House Republicans is too close to call. Lori VanWinkle has the most votes, but Roscoe Streyle and Jeff Hoverson are nearly tied.

With only one vote separating him from Streyle, Hoverson said, “I’ve never had a race this close, except for maybe high school basketball.”

Whomever the top two vote getters are will go on the ballot for the general election in November.

In the Ward County Commission race, top vote getters were John Fjeldahl and Alan Walter over Jason Olson and Lance Makeeff. All advance to November’s general election.

Voters elected Mitchell Kraft and Sabrina Herrmann to the Minot Public School Board. Andrew Dittus came in with the least amount of votes.

Perry Olson and Mike Schmitt were able to hold onto their seats on the Minot Park Board, but Chuck Emery was not. Voters chose Justin Hammer instead, while Logan Longtin came in fifth for votes.

And Ashley Beall will remain on the bench as Minot Municipal Judge earning more votes than Mark Rasmuson.

The unofficial results on the Secretary of State’s website show:

Minot Mayor
Tom Ross: 1,978
Miranda Schuler: 1,357
Shaun Sipma: 1,215

City Council
Paul Pitner: 3,185
Mark Jantzer: 2,837
Lisa Olson: 2,612
Zachary Raknerud: 1,706

District 3 House Republicans
Lori VanWinkle: 788
Jeff Hoverson: 617
Roscoe Streyle: 616

Ward County Commission
John Fjeldahl: 3,255
Alan Walter: 3,146
Jason Olson: 3,105
Lance Makeeff: 1,849

Minot School Board
Mitchell Kraft: 2,811
Sabrina Herrmann: 2,601
Andrew Dittus: 2,307

Minot Park Board
Perry Olson: 3,437
Justin Hammer: 2,667
Mike Schmitt: 2,486
Charles Emery: 1,786

Minot Municipal Judge
Ashley Beall: 2,365
Mark Rasmuson: 1,951

Home Rule Charter Amendment
Yes: 4,916
No: 1,143

Minot City Measure 1
Yes: 4,056
No: 425

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