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Abby Sigvaldsen [Photo: Chuck Miner]
Abby Sigvaldsen [Photo: Chuck Miner]

Riding into Minot

Tisa Peek
 April 4, 2022

MINOT — “Rodeo Minot is an awesome opportunity to keep rodeo and performance horse jackpots alive during the winter. This event keeps it local and keeps our industry thriving,” Kalsey Kronberg, roping announcer/secretary from Keene stated.

Korral Supply hosted its 2nd Annual ‘Shootout’ Open Ladies Breakaway Roping and Team Roping April 3, at the All Seasons Arena in Minot. 47 breakaway ropers entered and 200 plus teams participated in the #12 and #9 team ropings. Competitors of all ages traveled from all over the state of North Dakota.

Abby Sigvaldsen, Williston, won first place in the two-head average breakaway roping. Minot native, Gracie Flory took home the second-place money; both Women’s Professional Rodeo, ND Rodeo Association and Rough Rider Rodeo competitors.

“I look forward to Rodeo Minot every year. Two full weekends of rodeo events, clinics during the week and an atmosphere that is so unique. We are thankful as competitors,” Sigvaldsen said.

J-H Cattle, Velva, supplied the cattle for the event. Rodeo Minot crew supplied the staff and support to host and work the ropings.

Ladies Breakaway roping is a sport that is becoming widely recognized across the U.S. as a featured rodeo event all the way to the Women’s Pro-rodeo level and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. It requires riding a horse, swinging a rope, and catching a calf, while not breaking a barrier (ten-second penalty) which allows the calf a head start. Common fast times recorded in this event are two seconds and under.

Team roping is a ranch-based event that goes back hundreds of years and is utilized daily to doctor and manage livestock herds. The event consists of a header and heeler team each horseback and swinging a rope. The header catches the horns of a steer, uses their horse to turn and handle the steer, allowing for a heeler to ride into position and rope the hind legs. If the header crosses the start line too soon, a five-second penalty is added to the team’s time. If a heeler ropes only one leg, five seconds is also added. Fastest times win. Most team ropings are progressive averages, meaning a certain time is needed to progress to the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The last round takes the top teams back to compete in the “short-round”. Money is paid out from the ‘pot’ based on these average times and the entry fee money and added sponsorship dollars.

“Being able to do something in the winter that is centrally located is a huge bonus. The Minot fairgrounds has the space for this event for trucks, trailers, cattle, overnight stalls, hotel accommodations and R.V. hookups. The fairgrounds were built for something like Rodeo Minot,” added Cole Peterson, contestant.

Winners of the #12 team roping were Ty Truchan and Reed Marmon. The 2nd place team: Layne Carson and Jesse Fredrickson.

#9 team roping champions: Kanin Sebastian and Blu Miller. The 2nd place team: Wally Blankenship and Mike Sitzmann.

Jason Jensen, Rodeo Minot, with Jesse Fredrickson, Team Roping High Money Winner [Photo: Tisa Peek]

Jesse Fredrickson of Upham was the Overall High Money Winner and was awarded a Smarty Training System from Korral Supply. “It is great to have a local jackpot like this one. The payout is outstanding, the stock is great and it is ran very well. The future for team roping in our area is bright. It’s great to see the younger generation coming up and doing so well. It is nice to see kids out there who have worked hard and put in the time do so well. We want to keep team roping growing, and I think our area is doing just that,” said Fredrickson.

For more information and upcoming events this coming weekend, visit rodeominot.com.


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