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SuAnn Olson [Photo: submitted]
SuAnn Olson [Photo: submitted]

SuAnn Olson Announces Candidacy for State Representative

The Dakotan
 February 23, 2022

Bismarck — SuAnn Olson, R-Baldwin, announced that she is entering the Republican race for a District 8 House seat.

“I am excited to announce that I’m entering the Republican race for a District 8 House seat. I will use my great energy to work for the people of District 8 and the state of North Dakota. My goal is to use the skills I’ve gained from my varied experiences to benefit the individuals and businesses in our state. That includes working hard to protect individual freedom and property rights and supporting a vibrant business community. North Dakota has the ability to both feed our country and be a reliable energy resource and strong leaders are needed to support these vital industries. Government should play a limited role in people’s daily lives and we must be vigilant to preserve the independent spirit of North Dakotans.”

SuAnn has significant interest and experience in North Dakota’s major industries. “Agriculture is very near to my heart because it’s how I was raised and continue to be involved in. In addition, my husband’s 29-year career as a supervisor at a mine has provided a front row seat to North Dakota’s coal mining challenges, and I understand the opportunities and challenges oil and gas has brought to western North Dakota through my professional work with clients in that industry.

SuAnn is a CPA in public practice in Bismarck. She consults with businesses and has particular strength as a business advisor, guiding clients through the life cycle of their businesses and helping them to constantly look forward, anticipating changes rather than simply being reactive.  “My experiences as a CPA lend themselves well to representing the interests of North Dakotans in the same way that I represent my clients. Working with virtually every kind of business and thousands of individuals over the course of my career have provided great insight into their challenges and the solutions that can be found. In addition, working with various tax regulatory bodies and helping clients navigate through complex rules have helped me gain significant understanding of the taxing system and what individuals and businesses go through in their efforts to comply.”

SuAnn is a partner in the firm of Eide Bailly LLP, serves on the board of the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization and is active in her church as the treasurer. She also served on a school board for 14 years and was a 4-H leader for many years.

SuAnn was raised on a dairy farm as part of a large family where the conservative values of responsibility, hard work, and being self-sufficient were demonstrated daily. She and her husband Randy continue to live outside of town where Randy raises Angus cattle and enjoys both driving and riding horses. They are proud that all three of their children are providing a rural lifestyle for their own young families.

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