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Published February 3, 2022

MAFB has Economic Impact of $600 Million on Minot

Written by
Rod Wilson
| The Dakotan
Minot Air Force Base flightline [Photo: A1C Caleb Kimmel]
Minot Air Force Base flightline [Photo: A1C Caleb Kimmel]

MINOT — Minot Air Force Base has a significant impact on the economy of the City of Minot. 

Major Andrew J. Webb, of the Budget Office of the 5th Bomb Wing Comptroller Squadron, presented the annual Economic Impact Analysis of the Minot Air Force Base at the monthly Military Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday.  

In that report “the most important and impressive number” according to Maj. Webb, “and perhaps the biggest surprise to me, was the total impact to the City of Minot from Minot Air Force Base was $606,702,866 dollars.”  

Although the total impact number was down from last year’s $622.3 million, “The reduction was not because or cutbacks,” Maj. Webb was quick to point out. Instead, “most of the reduction can be attributed to unfilled positions on the Minot Air Force Base.”  

Other numbers that Maj. Webb reviewed were the percentage of Appropriated Military Funds, which is the dollars being earned by Active Duty and Reserve personnel. “It was surprising to me, but significant to the City of Minot, the number of the dollars earned by active duty and reserve personnel who live off base. $310,814,370 dollars, which represents 90% of the total of $341,832,192 that is earned by Active Duty and Air Force Reserve personnel.”

There are a total of 5,707 Active Duty and reserve personnel attached to MAFB. Of those, 4,733 live in non-government quarters. In addition, there are 5,633 dependents, 598 civilians, and 397 private business civilians; bringing the total to 12,346 total personnel that are directly tied to MAFB in some form. The final payroll number, which includes all personnel, is $412,591,019 for fiscal year 2021. The average annual pay for the local community is $52,484. Another category that is tracked is the Estimated Annual Dollar Value of indirect jobs created. That number is $109,114,236. 

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