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In the opinion of Jason Spain
[Image: Jonathan Starr/The Dakotan]
In the opinion of Jason Spain
[Image: Jonathan Starr/The Dakotan]

A Coach’s Christmas Dream

Jason Spain
 December 25, 2021

What does a coach want for Christmas?  I think a dream recruit that changes your program forever would be an ideal gift for any coach.  Coaches are always looking for that once-in-a-generation recruit that can change their program and possibly get them their next contract.  What would the perfect recruit look like?  We will build the perfect recruit. 

Poise – Tom Brady 

Clutch – Derek Jeter 

Killer Instinct – Michael Jordan 

Agility – Lionel Messi 

Concentration – Steph Curry 

Power – Bo Jackson 

Speed – Usain Bolt 

Athleticism – Randy Moss 

Character – Roger Staubach 

Vision – Magic Johnson 

A coach really would like a lot more than just a recruit that helps win games for Christmas. This coach would like to spend more quality time with his family. Quality time is hard to find in a coach’s life.   

For example, recruiting is a never-ending exercise that generally takes place away from your home, but also takes up most evenings when you are at home. Reviewing games is another time-consuming process that most people don’t understand. You must rewind and play and rewind and play over and over to properly grade your team, to scout your opponents or to grade new recruits. This is an exercise that is year-round not just during season. Early morning workouts, evening study tables, practice preparation, promoting camps, community engagement, fundraising, supporting other teams, and supporting other activities across campus are time-consuming activities.  Quality family time is probably the greatest gift a coach could receive. 

In speaking of the perfect recruit, this coach would like to add a teammate to his team that uplifts his or her team, has some of the traits above, that is coachable, that always plays hard, is willing to work to earn playing time, and cares about his or her team. The recruit should care about the campus community and the surrounding community. Coaching is not a job – it is a lifestyle. Having a super stud player that is entitled or not caring about teammates just isn’t enjoyable.   

Minot State University has had a few of the once-in-a-generation athletes throughout the years: Jen Dixon, Johnny Lester III, Sal Rodriguez, Sofia Lewis, Tyler Rudolph, Carly Boag, Randy Hedberg, Genevieve Binsfield, and Harry Mills to name a few.  These athletes didn’t just lift athletic programs, they lifted their teammates, they enhanced the campus community and added to the Minot community. They added value to the lives of others. None of these athletes are on the level with Brady, Curry, or any of the others above, but they are just what this coach would want for Christmas.   


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