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Joint Committee Hearing Continues on HB 1511 Regarding Vaccine Mandates

Greg Demme
 November 11, 2021

11:15 a.m., Nov 11--The Joint Technical Corrections Committee is meeting this morning to continue to hear testimony on some of the bills that remain to be dealt with at the committee level.

Numerous amendments have been offered already. There is still much to be debated.

Currently Rep. Rick Becker (R-Dis. 07, Bismarck) is proposing an amendment that relates to the very recent announcement by the North Dakota Dept. of Health, a Notice of Statement of Intent to Make a Noncompetitive Purchase to create a COVID-19 Immunization Certificate with a Vaccine QR Code, 301-221-21.06 (an "electronic vaccine passport"). The argument on the one side involves the stated intent, which is to develop and provide a convenience to North Dakotans. The argument on the other side is that the primary intent may lead to undesirable consequences for some North Dakotans in the future.

The debates on the many amendments on this bill will likely continue for a while.

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